Www dating dk Tønder

45-rige Bianca Lorentzen fra Esbjerg havde ikke selv tnkt p at bruge Facebook til at finde krligheden. Nu foretrkker Bianca Lorentzen Facebook fremfor de traditionelle dating-sider.

The fee covering the case working is 115 EUR per couple. This fee must be transferred in advance, and proof of payment must be sent together with the necessary documents. Each week, many Danish and foreign couples experience a wonderful, unforgettable day in Tønder Municipality.Before you can make an appointment for marriage, you need to send the required documents for approval in advance.Right after finishing the case working, we will contact you - preferrably by e-mail, if possible. Appointment It is not possible to come and register without an appointment.The registration/marriage will be conducted in German, English or Danish.

Www dating dk Tønder

Personal registration – both partners – Mondays and Tuesdays (only by appointment) at the Registry Office, Jomfrustien 8, 1st floor, DK-6270 Tønder, opposite the town hall.You must bring the originals of all the documents, which you have sent to us in copy – both in the original language as well as in translation.In cases including a divorce decree/death certificate issued outside the above mentioned countries, the case working may take longer.If you have sent us additional papers to an existing file, the case working period is usually shorter.If you do not bring your own witnesses, we will be happy to provide two witnesses free of charge – this will be arranged when you register.

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