Werrason single education

This period coincided with the time, Werrason could not get European visas for his musical group to go and produce his next album Alerte General and to perform to his fans abroad, who to this day remain one of the key sources of revenue for his band.

The following year Werrason parted ways with his then sponsor Bracongo, producers of beer 'Skol'.

These members left a few months after other key members (Baby Ndombe, Serge Mabiala and Japonais Maladi) had also left for varied reasons.

These former members grouped together and formed a rival musical band called les Marquis de Maison Mère.

Werrason's original band members were Didier Masela, Adolphe Dominguez, Ferre Gola, Baby Ndombe, Seseli Adjani, JDT Mulopwe, Celeo Scram, Bill Kalondji, Serge Mabiala, Didier Lacoste, Lay Chou, Michael Shendu, guitarists Flam Kapaya (solo), Japonaise Maladi (rhythm), Christian Mwepu (bass), drummers Papay Kakol and Ali Mbonda.In June 2001, Werrason released his first solo album Kibuisa Mpimpa, a double CD with 17 titles.This was work that had taken him 5 years of preparation, "the Zenith de Paris,” one of the largest concert halls in France, with a seating capacity of well over 20,000.Werrason also collaborated with international artists like In 2003, Werrason’s musical career took a major blow when he lost a large number of key band members.These were his deputy and composer Ferre Gola, his chief animator Bill Kalondji, and singer JDT Mulopwe.

Werrason single education

Werrason is recognized for his ability and desire to promote, nurture and expose his band members as a way of encouraging them to later confidently pursue their own solo careers.In that album Temps Present – Mayi Ya Sika this was evident as he gave not just the singers, but even the instrumentalists a chance to make their own compositions.Since then, he dedicates part of his time to all the UNESCO campaigns against AIDS and all sorts of discriminations, Manu Dibango who invited him in his concert at the Paris Olympia.Others were Passi, Doc Gynéco, Benji and Akil who asked him to take part in their musical projects.Werrason, real name Noël Ngiama Makanda born December 25, 1965 in Moliambo, a small village in Bandundu province in the Western Democratic Republic of Congo, Kwilu District is a musician from the Democratic Republic of Congo and also leader of the band Wenge Maison Mère (WMM). His song "Chantal Switzerland" was voted Song of the Year, while his animator Bill 'Clinton' Kalondji was voted the best animator.

By age eight, Werrason was singing at his local church, the Protestant Church of CBZO (Communauté Batiste du Zaire Ouest-Batism community of Western Zaire), Kinshasa. His second album Solola Bien of 1999 took the African music scene by storm.

To crown his comeback, Werrason visited his province of birth, Kikwit, and did a concert attended by over 200,000 people, and this remains one of the biggest music concerts ever in the African continent.

He followed this by another mega performance at Masina.

He loved martial arts and was a martial arts champion by age of 12. Solola Bien was rewarded with the Golden Record in France.

In 1981, in between his studies (for a degree in Accountancy), Werrason and his college friends Didier Masela, Aimé Buanga, Alain Mwanga among others created an innovative musical band “Wenge Musica 4x4 B. In the same year, his band Wenge Maison Mère was voted the Best Congolese Group, with Werrason as the Artist of the Year.

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