Mannheim term dates 2013

Full-time enrollment: UMaine students must be registered for at least 24 ECTS credits each semester.

Students are not encouraged to register for more than 30 ECTS credits each semester.

Along with being a prominent member of the EU, Germany has the third largest economy in the world.Three of the Western world’s most famous composers have been of German descent; Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart.Nobel laureate and one of the most renowned thinkers of the 20th century, Albert Einstein, was also from Germany.The University of Mannheim has a number of residence halls called “Stedentenwerk Mannheim” in walking distance to the university buildings.They house German and other international students.

Mannheim term dates 2013

The Berlin Wall Museum, which contains actual remains of the Berlin Wall, and the Jewish Museum, are very notable sites holding significant historical of Germany.Another popular stop for tourists in nearby Munich holds the Staatliches Hofbrauhaus, a famous beer hall founded in the 16th century which provides tourists with an experience of traditional German culture and beer.The town is surrounded by the beautiful regions of Odenwald and the Palatinate region, both of which are very popular for going on nature walks and cycling.Mannheim’s surrounding area is known nationwide for its asparagus cultivation and the nearby Palatinate region is well known for its vineyards and traditional wine festivals, most of which take place in autumn.Germany also hosts Oktoberfest, the largest people’s fair in the world.

Mannheim is located at the point where the Rhine and Neckar rivers meet.Located directly in the city, the university offers an urban environment with all its amenities.The University of Mannheim is mainly located in Mannheim Palace, the largest baroque palace in Germany.Transfer credits: 2 ECTS credits = 1 UMaine credit Grading Scale: The International Summer/Winter Academy is a four-week intensive language course including seminars about German culture and society.It is held before the beginning of the semester and costs 0.

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